Jen Myzel is a singer-songwriter, elementary school music teacher, author and activist in Oakland, CA. Jen is a close student of Joanna Macy and The Work that Reconnects, whose teachings of resilience through vulnerability influence her work as a teacher, facilitator, and artist. Her soulful, storytelling music aims to connect people to the deeper purpose of their lives and foster a greater connection to the web of life.

Jen recently published a children’s sing-a-long book, Yellow Lotus Flower, about the courage it takes for a grieving young girl and a lotus seed to rise up from the muck. Joanna Macy praises the book as “a story for our times”. Jen has collaborated with inspiring, family-friendly artists including the Alphabet Rockers, Octopretzel and Empty Hands Music, and has performed at the Bioneers Conference. Jen is a song-leader in the Thrive Street Choir and has written and led many songs for direct actions and rituals across the Bay Area, including the widely-sung “Gentle Heart”.

She currently lives in Oakland, California with her partner Simcha, cat Socks, and a beloved spider named Witch Hazel. She will be recording her next album in the summer of 2019, so sign up for the mailing list to stay connected!